Roseville Golf Club 2012 TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE
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Play Start Due
Month Date   Time Cost Date   All tournament entry fees must be paid by 6:00 PM on the "Due Date"
January 1-Jan Sunday $10.00 Eclectic
Starting with the Super Bowl, we will track your best scores on
each hole for the entire year.
14-Jan Saturday 9:05 $10.00 6-Jan Captain & Crew
(Blind draw for teams)
19-Jan Thursday 6:30 PM Open Meeting
29-Jan Sunday 9:05 $10.00 20-Jan Super Bowl-Open to all members ( stroke play )
(8:00 am) (shotgun depending on size of field)
February 18-Feb Saturday 9:05 $15.00 10-Feb NCGA 4-Ball Qualifier  Regular & Senior Division  2-Man Teams
See below for qualifications for major events. All teams are 
eligible for the prize fund.
Men will play from Blue Tees
March 3-Mar Saturday 9:05 $30.00 24-Feb 54-Hole Team (Better Ball)
4-Mar Sunday 9:05 54-Hole Team (Scramble)
11-Mar Sunday 9:05 54-Hole Team (Chapman Scotch)
See below ** Qualifications for Major Events" All teams are
eligible for prize fund.
April 4-Apr Wednesday 6:00 PM Twilight League meeting and sign up at D.O. snack bar
  7-Apr Saturday 10:00 $55.00 16-Mar   Sunset Whitney, includes, Green Fees, Cart, and Prize fund    
14-Apr Saturday 9:05 $30.00 6-Apr NCGA Zone Qualifier 
15-Apr Sunday 9:05 Two man teams Better Ball. Winners advance to Regionals.
See below **Qualifications for Major events. All teams are
eligible for prize fund.
Men will play from Blue Tees.
17-Apr Tuesday 8:02 $10.00 10-Apr Day on the Oaks # 1  (Weekday event)
19-Apr Thursday 6:30 PM Open Meeting
29-Apr Sunday 9:05 $15.00 20-Apr RGC Masters  (stroke) Open to all members
May 5-May Saturday 9:05 $30.00 27-Apr 54-Hole Individual-Stroke play. 3-day total score. Daily prizes
6-May Sunday 9:05 This is our Net Club Championship event. All three days 
12-May Saturday 9:05 count as Eclectic. See below **Qualifications for Major
events. All players eligible for prize fund. Limit 80 players
26-May Saturday 9:05 $10.00 18-May Memorial  (stroke) open to all members
June 3-Jun Sunday 9:05 $15.00 25-May NCGA Net Amateur- (stroke) Open to all members
See below **Qualifications for Major events. All players are
eligible for prize fund.
Men will play from the Blue Tees.
  9-Jun Saturday 11:50 $80.00 11-May   Arrowcreek G.C., Includes Green Fees, Cart, Range and Prize Fund    
  10-Jun Sunday 8:00 $80.00 11-May   Lakeridge Golf Club, includes Green Fees, Cart and Prize Fund.  
11-Jun Monday 9:00 The David Oxley Junior Golf Tournamnt
Volunteers and donations needed
22-Jun Friday 5:30 PM $5.00 (day of) Putting Championship (Match Play) Open to all members
6:00 PM Matches start
26-Jun Tuesday 8:02 $10.00 19-Jun Day on the Oaks # 2  (Weekday event)
July 7-Jul Saturday 9:05 $10.00 29-Jun Firecracker- (stroke) Open to all members
  14-Jul Saturday 10:00 $80.00 15-Jun   Rancho Solano, includes Green Fees, Cart, and Prize Fund  
19-Jul Thursday 6:30 PM Open Meeting
August 5-Aug Sunday 9:05 $10.00 27-Jul 2-Person Best Ball Blind Draw
Net Event and Eclectic event. You must Putt out.
11-Aug Saturday Rose Cup Qualifier
Diamond Oaks event. Qualifiers get two days paid green and will
represent Diamond Oaks against three other courses.
18-Aug Saturday 9:05 $30.00 10-Aug Club Championship, Scratch Qualifying Round
19-Aug Sunday 9:05 1st Round
25-Aug Saturday 9:05 2nd Round
26-Aug Sunday 9:05 Final and Consolation
See Qualifications for Major Events (below)
(Match Play)
21-Aug Tuesday 8:02 $10.00 14-Aug Day on the Oaks # 3  (Weekday event)
September 2-Sep Sunday 9:05 $10.00 24-Aug Labor Day Tournament (stroke)
15-Sep Saturday 9:05 $20.00 7-Sep Invitational Event.
Bring a friend or play with another RGC member
20-Sep Thursday  6:30 PM Open Meeting
October 2-Oct Tuesday 8:02 $10.00 25-Sep Day on the Oaks # 4  (Weekday event)
  13-Oct Saturday 11:20 $105.00 14-Sep   Poppy Hills, includes Green Fees, Cart and Prize Fund    
  14-Oct Sunday 9:00 $125.00 14-Sep   Carmel Valley Ranch C.C., Includes Green Fees, Cart, Range, Prize Fund  
shotgun ?
28-Oct Sunday 9:05 $10.00 19-Oct Past Presidents  (Stroke Play) Open to all members
November  10-Nov Saturday 9:05 $15.00 2-Nov Turkey Shoot (stroke)
Tournament of Champions (stroke) This is a tournament in a
tournament for anyone that has won low gross or low net
during the year.
December TBA Saturday Christmas Party
9-Dec Sunday 9:05 $10.00 30-Nov Eclectic Final (stroke)
You may qualify to win overall or advance to the finals if you meet
one of the following:
1) Must have 20 Game NCGA handicap and must have played
5 RGC play dates since June 1st of 2011 to qualify.
2) Must have 20 Game NCGA handicap, and be a member in good 
standing for the last five consecutive years with a minimum of 10
RGC tournament scores
3) Men may play from Blue or White tees as previously selected.
4) N.C.G.A. events men will play from the Blue Tees